Friday, April 2, 2021

The Last Son, at Age 0.25

We had our fourth and final child recently. This post is titled "The Last Son" but could've easily been titled "The Last Baby" or "Our Last Child."

A. His Schedule – He wakes up at round 7 a.m., and goes to bed for the night at about 10 p.m. Between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. he's rather fussy.

B. His Size – He's wearing size 6-9 month clothing at age 4 months.

C. His Personality – He seems good-natured and patient. He has mastered the silent smile. I joke that "he keeps a low profile," lest he get smothered by his older sister's attention.

D. His Favorite Things
  • Colors: It is way too soon to tell, but he looks good in aqua.
  • Shows and Movies: He loves TV, no matter what's on.
  • Books: It's hard to hold him and read a book to the other kids.
  • Toys and Play: He likes holding on to burp cloths and mouthing them.
  • Art: It's too soon to know.
  • Activities: He seems to like just about everything, especially being held and being outside. I think he likes feeing the breeze on his skin.
  • Time of Day: Uncertain.
  • Bedding: He has a couple of mint-colored blankets but honestly doesn't use them. He seems to "run hot" and thus he sleeps in nothing but his footie pajamas.
  • Clothing: He has spent every day of his life in footie pajamas except holidays when he dressed up.
  • Foods: He's never had anything but milk.
  • Animals: Too soon to tell.
  • Heroes/Characters: Too soon to tell.
E. Things He Does Not Like – Tummy aches.

F. What He’s Thinking About – He tends to look deep into my eyes. I don't know what he's thinking about though.

G. Surprises – It's worked out really well to have his crib in his sister's room. They keep each other amused when they're in there together.

H. Best & Worst Things –
  • The best thing(s): He's a strong, healthy baby.
  • The worst thing(s): That I can't spend more time with him due to work commitments.

I. Family and Friends – Who wouldn't want to hold him? He's so sweet! He hasn't seen/met much of his family yet due to Covid, unfortunately.

J. Parenting or What I’m Doing Differently – I'm planning to stop breastfeeding much sooner than I had for The Bear and Rosie. Why? It's just too much on top of everything else. I want to focus on what's most important, and that's spending time with him, not giving him 0.001% superior-to-formula milk.

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