Friday, April 2, 2021

The Bear, at 5.5 Years Old

A. His Schedule
 – He is a bit of a late sleeper and  night owl. He never wants to go to bed - he'd rather stay up partying. He wakes up at about 8:30 a.m. which is right when school starts! If we let him, he'll readily stay up past 10 p.m. His school day starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at about 3:15 p.m. He has in-person school two days a week, and virtual school two and a half days a week.

B. His Size – He's wearing size 6 clothes and size 13 shoes.

C. His Personality – He craves fun, and finds it wherever he can. He's always involved in something. He's an adventurous, energetic guy who picks up on things quickly and has good comedic timing.

D. His Favorite Things
  • Colors: "Rainbow" and red.
  • Shows and Movies: He likes YouTube shows about video games. He also likes superhero movies, from The Hobbit to Avengers movies.
  • Books: He'll listen to Dr. Seuss sometimes, and also likes nature books.
  • Toys and Play: He hasn't played much with toys since he got his laptop. He plays Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite on his laptop. He also has some Xbox games.
  • Art: He seems to really enjoy art, whether it's painting, creating things with clay, or using glitter.
  • Activities: He spends a fair amount of time fighting with his older brother and finding fault with his younger sister. Aside from that, he likes to wrestle and have Nerf gun battles.
  • Time of Day: Probably nighttime, especially if we have set up the fire pit.
  • Bedding: He has a rainbow-colored pillow and various fleece blankets. He has the top bunk in his room.
  • Clothing: He is willing to wear pretty much anything, although his favorite clothes are "his gardening pants" (cargo pants), a blue shirt with multi-colored stripes, his Ninja Turtles pajamas, and "his fancy clothes" (a Tang suit).
  • Foods: He is not an adventurous eater, but his favorites are meat, raspberries, and potato chips.
  • Animals: He likes animals, particularly our dog.
  • Heroes: Thor is his favorite but he also really likes Hulk.
E. Things He Does Not Like – Bedtime.

F. What He’s Thinking About – Adding things to his Wish List, particularly Nerf items. He has so many toy weapons on his list!

G. Surprises – Probably how hot or cold he runs. When he's sweet, he's so sweet. But when he's mad, he's so mad.

H. Best & Worst Things –
  • The best thing(s): He's still cuddly.
  • The worst thing(s): He does create quite a bit of noise and messes. Luckily, he is willing to try to clean up those messes.

I. Family and Friends – It's been a year since Covid broke out. We've seen far fewer friends than usual and he's gone far fewer places than usual. I think it's been hard for him because he's a social and inquisitive guy.

J. Parenting or What I’m Doing Differently – Since Covid, we've not done any organized activities, so that is one thing that's been different.

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