Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun with Pale Yellow

I saw this image on the Better Homes & Gardens website. I liked it except that the raspberry seemed a little strong for me. So, I played around with adding something else instead.

Clockwise, starting in top left, Benjamin Moore Innocence 2055-70, Benjamin Moore Lemonade 2024-60, Benjamin Moore Lemon Freeze 2025-50.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Color Scheme, Further Narrowed Down...

Down to four ideas, unless I add more. Here is the feeling I want to create:
Refreshed, happy, like being on a cloud (airy, light, free), and a little bit warm.

Color Scheme Ideas, Narrowed Down...

Earlier, I posted Fourteen Ideas for a Bedroom Color Scheme. Well, after eliminating every idea with Chocolate Brown in it, and eliminating the most high-contrast combo, I have the above. So, I'm down to eight choices.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ideas for Bedroom Color Schemes

I'm trying to find colors that go well with ivory. I suppose these colors could work in any room though.

My Wardrobe Color Story - An Update

I needed another row from the palette in this earlier post. Although I sometimes wear these "winter" colors during summer, and sometimes wear these "summer" colors during winter, I tend to have two seasons to my wardrobe. One season is for the cooler months (about October through March), and another is for the warmer months (April through September). Some clothes I wear during both seasons, and that's when the overlapping occurs.

A work in progress...

Here are the elements of the "before" bedroom that I definitely want to keep. This is a baby step towards making the final mood board for my class project.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The "Before" Bedroom

I am currently enrolled in an online decorating class (I couldn't help myself). My project for the class is to redo a bedroom, this bedroom. The polar coordinates are given in order to help you tell what you're looking at.
  • North wall: the "bad" (dark) window wall that the bed and beside tables are pushed up against
  • South wall: the dresser wall, which also contains a door to the bathroom to the left of the dresser
  • West wall: the "good" (bright) window wall
  • East wall: the mirrored closet doors are on this wall, as is an odd jog in the wall, as is the entry door to the room (not pictured, to the right of the chair)

It's not a bad room, but it does lack personality - note the lack of wall art. This room is missing what decorators call "the jewelry of the room" and what lay people would call "accessories" or "the finishing touches".

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Semi-Aspirational Master Bedroom

As mentioned in my previous post, Aspirational Mood Board for Dining Room, there are two types of mood boards:
"An aspirational mood board is done for the purpose of inspiration and creating a general mood. This is different from an actionable mood board, which has specific items intended for purchase."

The above mood board straddles the line between the two. It has some actual items, and some inspiration-only photos. It is in between my current real bedroom, and a purely aspirational draft mood board.

In the above board, here is the Source List for the purchase-able items:
Anchor Rug
Silver Frame
Ribbon Frame
Dove Lamps
Queen Sheets in Ivory from Target
Pillow Covers in 26x26" size
Euro Pillow Inserts from Overstock in 28x28" size
Log Cabin Incense Burner
Storage Boxes for Inside Closet
Tulip Pillowcase - Vintage item is no longer available, but similar styles are available on Etsy

Color Scheme is from Design Seeds.

Aspirational Mood Board for Spa-Like Master Bathroom

Just because my "master bathroom" is also "THE bathroom" doesn't mean it can't be pretty. Here is my aspirational mood board - it has: a spa-like feel, luxurious bath products, nickel hardware, a soaker tub, and plenty of neutral colors (ivory, white, and mushroom).

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Aspirational Mood Board for a Bedroom

I'm not sure how much orange I want in the actual room, but here are some things I like: a bit of cheerfulness, lots of the color white, and a touch of luxury. And owls.

Aspirational Mood Board for Dining Room

An aspirational mood board is done for the purpose of inspiration and creating a general mood. This is different from an actionable mood board, which has specific items intended for purchase.

The above board is for my dining room. This board has a coastal vibe, much like my adjoining living room. It also: is fun / cheerful, has plenty of doses of blue, leans towards symmetry / matching-ness (as opposed to shabby chic or deliberately mismatched items), and has some vintage-y florals.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Wardrobe Color Story

Inspired by The Coletterie's recent post, The Wardrobe Architect Week 5: Your Color Story, I created my own wardrobe color story. This matches up fairly accurately with the clothes in my closet and dresser right now. I can now take this chart with me to stores and see fairly easily if a new garment will easily fit into my existing wardrobe.

Some of the colors I have as "neutrals" may not be neutral on you, but for my skin tone which is a medium tan with yellow undertones, they function like neutrals.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Current Master Bedroom

I created this mood board for my master bedroom. Other than the rug, all of the items in this board are items I already own. I wanted to create this board as an evaluating tool for future purchases - I can now see how new items will look in my room. The sources for most of the items above can be found on my Dream Bedroom Pinterest board.