Friday, April 9, 2021

Mini Closet Makeover for the Boys


The results photo is above. I decided to move things around one afternoon using only items I already had. Changes made: moved little girl clothes to Rosie's closet, swapped in a larger drawer unit (on right, from laundry room), moved pet bunny's hay to under the bed, removed the wire pull-out drawer, hung jeans from the lower shelf, allowed more height for hanging clothing (e.g. bathrobes), and moved pajamas into one of the re-used / smaller drawer units. On the top-most drawer is still clothing that is one size too large or excess / overflow clothing, what organizers might call "back stock." There is one "back stock" bin per child. There is actually room to grow in this closet - the wicker basket is empty, as is the bottom-most drawer of the re-used / smaller drawer unit.


Not a bad "before" for two kids and a pet bunny

The basket drawer was always sliding out because nothing is ever level in our home

Seeing how low I could hang the lower shelf with the larger drawer unit

Staging area, a big mess during the process

Trying things out

Putting all socks and underwear in the lowest drawer, divided in baskets by child

Almost the final version... still has large hay box


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