Thursday, May 30, 2019

My Husband's Clothes, part of my Massive Memorial Day Organizational Palooza (Part 5)

For the full weekend's schedule and links to the other parts, see Part 1.

His Dresser

Odd socks
One of the smallest drawers contains socks that have temporarily lost their mates. A cardboard box separates the kids' socks from the adults' socks.
Athletic socks and Acorns
If you've never heard of Acorns before, they're like bedroom slippers except that they have a leather bottom. They need to be kept out of the dog's reach because he will chew and destroy them. Sometimes my husband forgets to stow his Acorns away, so I added a label in the bottom of the drawer where they go using white masking tape.
Labeling is important
Loosely folded shirts
In order to try to reduce the amount of time I spend on laundry, I've stopped folding in the Marie Kondo way - shown above is what I think takes the least energy for my husbands shirts. Fold once in half, hamburger style, and done.
Pants and pajamas
In an effort to spend less time on laundry, what I've done above is to fold pants once in half and be done.
Shorts and swimwear
Zip-ups and sweatshirts
Sweatshirts are really bulky. There was no room in his wardrobe/closet for these.

His Closet

We have a medium-sized wardrobe that we originally purchased from IKEA that serves as his closet. It contains his work clothes (suits, dress shirts, and dress shoes).
Card-shaped things
I used a small wooden box to corral card-shaped things such as ID badges.
Sentimental items
My husband's collection of foreign currency is now stowed inside of a 4" x 6" clear photo container from The Container Store. A caddy now holds small miscellaneous items (think rings and spare change).
Dress socks and cufflinks
He already had the cufflinks box, but I added a sentimental bandanna to the bottom of this shelf.


The favorites
The rest
Keeping all 41 neckties in his closet didn't work well because they took up too much space, making the whole thing crammed. I separated out the 11 neckties I thought he used most frequently and put those on his tie tree. The other 30 I neatly stowed in a small dresser drawer.

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