Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My Massive Memorial Day Organizational Palooza (Part 1)

My husband and sons went on a boys fishing trip this Memorial Day weekend so I got busy.

Here's what I accomplished. I will do individual posts for each one.

You may ask, how did I decide which projects to do? Welp, I listed out all of the tasks I could think of, and then rated them:

  • High Impact or Low Impact
    • Would completing the task make my life a lot better, or have a only a marginal impact?
  • High Resource Cost or Low Resource Cost
    • In this case, the resource cost was mostly time - was something going to take a lot of time (or elbow grease or money) to happen, or was it a quick (or easy) task to accomplish?

The "best" tasks that are Definitely Do's are High Impact and Low Resource. Here's a photo of my list:

I went to Goodwill, organized the kids' toys and art supplies, framed the palm print (which involved going to IKEA to get the frame), hung a curtain rod in the kids' sleep room (Bed, Bath & Beyond didn't deliver the second one I ordered until after the weekend was over), organized the entryway closet, half-organized the downstairs gaming area, and organized my husband's and kids' clothes.

I did not hang that second curtain rod, nor did I paint any walls, nor did I wax the dining room table. Funny thing about the wax I'd ordered from Amazon, it never arrived. I also didn't help my mom organize what is intended to become my boys' sleepover space at her house due to her complete lack of interest in the matter. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink, I guess.

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