Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Kids' Shared Sleep Room, part of my Massive Memorial Day Organizational Palooza (Part 3)

For the full weekend's schedule and links to the other parts, see Part 1.

The Kids' Beds

For our home, it made sense to have the kids sleeping in one room, and playing in another. That way, they wouldn't be distracted by their toys during naps or at bedtime, nor would they feel lonely at bedtime. Also, it avoids the problem of having them wonder which room their toys are in - now, all of their toys are in one spot, their playroom.
Boys' beds
Baby's crib and changing table
I hung the curtain rod and those curtains during this Memorial Day Weekend Organizational Palooza.
Panoramic view
I really love the color of their rug in this room.
Simple bedding
To keeps things simple, the kids' beds have a fitted sheet and one blanket that's easily washable. I stopped doing top sheets after a trip to the Netherlands - my hotel didn't have top sheets and it made so much sense to me (they just had a fitted sheet and a duvet). Top sheets just get rumpled and/or un-tucked.

The Boys' Clothes

Zoomed out
Zoomed in
In the upper baskets shown above are my oldest son's shirts and pants.
Middle drawer
In the middle drawer of the three-drawer caddy are my son's underwear, swim suits, and socks. They are divided using clear containers from The Container Store.
Crib sheets
Why so many crib sheets? Because the boys need to take them to their preschool for naps (their preschool has cots).
Baskets on floor on left

The top basket has my younger son's shirts. Note that they are not folded. I am hoping that this choice to not fold his shirts reduces the time I need to spend on laundry.

The middle basket has his pants.

The bottom basket has fitted twin sheets. Why not store sheets in the linen closet? Because our linen closet is exceptionally small, and because it made sense to me to store theses sheets near where they'll ultimately be used.
Shorts, baby blankets, and changing pad covers
A small hanging closet organizer

I just got this hanging closet organizer from IKEA and I'm now using it store blankets and bulky items (i.e. sweatshirts).
Hanging items
For each boy, I picked two "fancy" short sleeved shirts, two "fancy" long-sleeved shirts, one bathrobe, one long-sleeved fleece, and one vest, in addition to two sweatshirts (the sweatshirts are folded in the small hanging closet organizer mentioned above). By "fancy," I mean something that they can wear to a semi-formal event such as: picture day, weddings, church, or parties.

The Baby's Clothes

Changing table
 The changing table houses most of the baby's clothes.
Top drawer
The top drawer houses the baby's shirts, shorts, pants, and casual dresses (her one "fancy" dress is hung in the closet). This drawer holds a lot more stuff when that stuff is folded in the Marie Kondo style than if the stuff were just laid down like I have done with the boys' clothes.
Bottom drawer
The bottom drawer houses the baby's sweatshirts, her footie pajamas, her bibs, her burp clothes, and her socks. Her shoes are stored in the entryway closet, just like the boys' shoes.
Under-bed bin
Her swim clothes are stored in a clear plastic bin from The Container Store that goes under her crib. Although I have room to store more such bins under the boys' bed, I think that space looks cleaner being empty.
Top shelf of closet
On the very top shelf of the closet, I have put the baby's extra wipes and Diaper Genie refills. Since our pantry is very small, this makes more sense for us.

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