Thursday, May 30, 2019

Entryway Closet, part of my Massive Memorial Day Organizational Palooza (Part 4)

For the full weekend's schedule and links to the other parts, see Part 1.
Zoomed out
This closet is 4 feet wide. Our jackets are hanging to the left and right of the handing closet organizer. Since the right side of the closet is easier to access (because of how our doors are situated), I put our most frequently used jackets on the right side.

On the top shelf are my hats and the baby's shoes. Since she can't put on her shoes by herself, I didn't think they needed to be kept within her reach.

On the floor of the closet on the right-hand side are the boys' shoes and my shoes. One the floor of the closet are my husband's shoes.
Hanging closet organizer
Within the hanging closet organizer, from top:

  • My husband's hats, as well as flashlights (for walking the dog at night)
  • The dog's items (see below)
  • Winter children's items, like mittens
  • Winter items for my husband and I (like gloves)
  • Extra coat hangers

Dog items
I am using a small white box to keep the pets' medicine corralled. I am using an even smaller blue box to keep the dog's brushes and comb corralled.

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