Friday, January 7, 2022


I got this list of questions from the Lazy Genius blog. I'm only going to answer some of them. Here are my answers:

  1. What is my favorite memory from last year? ...Possibly our friends' daughter's fourth birthday party at the trampoline gym, because it's one of the only normal things we did (it was scheduled at a time when even our six-year-old was vaccinated, but before the Omicron spike). It was so fun to see everyone together.
  2. What was the most energizing thing I did? ...I started working out for 15-20 minutes a day in August. This effort began after a single conversation I had with two girl friends on a beach vacation, and thus began our daily group chat check-in.
  3. What am I glad I tried? ...To use my Instapot, which was intimidating.
  4. What relationship brought me joy? ...All of them.
  5. What experience brought me joy? ...Any time I went hiking at my favorite park.
  6. What was my favorite place? ...The best seat on my couch at home. It's small, but it's hygge.
  7. What was my favorite outfit? ...Green corduroy skirt. Black long-sleeved t-shirt. A necklace my oldest son gave me. Or maybe my light-blue floral maxi dress and my turquoise necklace?
  8. What was my favorite book? ...Hello, Habits.
  9. What has changed in me that I’m proud of? ...I think the older I get, the less I worry about what other people think of me.
  10. What made me laugh? ...Most of the things our six-year-old says.
  11. What was something that felt hard at the start of last year but is easier now? ...Breastfeeding.
  12. What is something I’m really glad happened? ....That we survived the year relatively healthfully.
  13. What did I miss? ...Going grocery shopping at Target with my 8-year-old, which was something we started doing together routinely just before the pandemic started.
  14. Who did I miss? ...My friend that moved to the Ukraine for work.
  15. What made me feel like myself? ...Any time the house was clean.
  16. What words would I use to describe last year? ...Simple, minimal, stressful, unusal.
  17. What words would I use to describe myself last year? ...Hanging in there.
  18. What mattered most last year? ...Spending time with my kids. Being the best I can be at work.
  19. What didn’t matter as much as I thought it would? ...Buying a house. I thought it was really important to both my spouse and I, but I found that it was way more important to me than to him.
  20. What did I learn about myself last year? ...I feel more edgy about aging than I thought I did. I feel a lot younger than I am.
  21. How do I want to feel about myself next year? ...Proud.
  22. What do I want to bring from last year into this year? ...Confidence.
  23. What do I think will matter this year? ...Patience.
  24. What habits/rituals/rhythms do I hope for? ...To continue to workout daily, to continue to invest, to continue to learn new things daily, and to continue to be a supportive friend.
  25. What do I want to start? ...Learning to cook Indian dishes at home.

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