Saturday, January 1, 2022

Floral Party

This is my idea for a simple floral-themed party.

Products, All Ages

Cups (reusable or disposable), Napkins (reusable or disposable), Tablecloth (reusable or disposable), and Cake Stand (reusable or disposable), and Icing

Products, Children or Those Young at Heart

Coloring Books, Colored Pencils, Leis, Balloons, and Floral Temporary Tattoos


If you set your party up for the middle of the afternoon, it's both tea time and more affordable than throwing a traditional meal-time part (lunch or dinner). Depending on the age range of the guests, you could serve cucumber tea sandwiches and tea, or cookies and juice.

The Cake Itself

You could buy a cake or cupcakes, but we prefer to use a cake mix to bake two 8-inch cakes (they will bake up higher than 9-inch cakes), then stack them on top of each other, and decorate the cake with a cake decorating kit, icing, and sprinkles.

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