Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Pantry Overhaul

Inspired by a recent video from YouTube lifestyle micro-influencer Sarah Therese, I decided to improve my pantry storage situation in my very small kitchen. This took two trips to The Container Store - the second was to return one item and buy a few more of another.
Step 1: Buy containers.
Step 2: Move everything out of the kitchen cabinets and onto my table, for sorting.
Step 3: Put spices into new containers, when practical, labeling as you go. Label the bottoms with the best-by month / year.
If it doesn't make sense to put it in a new container, don't, e,g. large, very specific steak rubs, or rarely used spices (like mace), or when the manufacturer's container is actually perfect.

When I had more than one container's worth, I labelled to be sure that I wouldn't rush out to buy more when I have a second container of it waiting in the wings.
Step 4: Line up everything waiting to go back into my cabinets.

Step 5: Put the stuff back into the cabinets.

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