Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My Enneagram Type

I took a free Enneagram type test from Truity. What's my type? According to the test, 9, 5, 6, or 1. Look at this brilliant pie chart that Truity created.

What this shows is that I am not really a type at all. I'm not bad at guessing my type, I just don't have one. I guess this is somewhat good news since I was worried that I'd clearly be a Type 6 like my father, not that there's anything wrong with that, other than that it would prove my mother right about me worrying too much (I don't).

What to know more about Enneagrams? You can visit The Enneagram Institute for descriptions, although taking their test is not free (and thus not something I personally did).

While I think Enneagrams have helped me to understand the motivations of some people which are not motivations I feel strongly myself (I'm looking at you, Type 4 people, who are my opposites), I'm not placing too much stock in this or any other personality test. I think the people who find a particular personality test most useful are those who fit more clearly into one type for that test. And in doing the test, they gain a better understanding of themselves.

Personally, I'm not really any of the Enneagram types, nor for that matter any one of the "four color" Four Temperaments types (see my results from Open Source Psychometrics Project below).

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