Monday, July 29, 2019

The Bear at Four Years Old on the Nose

A. His Schedule – He usually gets up about 7 a.m., sometimes takes a nap in the afternoon, and goes to sleep about 8:20 p.m. I’d like to get him to go to bed a bit earlier, and also to ensure he gets a nap every day, but sometimes the battle is easier to concede than to fight. He used to be an early riser but not anymore!

B. His Size – He seems to be about average for his age.
·                     Weight: 35.4 lbs. (45th percentile)

·                     Height: 41.5 inches (75th percentile)

C. His Personality – He is an exuberant child. He loves fun and pursues it actively. He loves the outdoors, fixing things (with daddy), creating messes as well as cleaning up, cuddling, and trying to make us laugh. I think he could be an excellent actor if he were so inclined, but I also think he’d make a great engineer or scientist (e.g. chemist or biologist).

D. His Favorite Things
·                     Colors: Rainbow
·                     Shows: He’s not nearly as interested in TV as his brother, so it’s hard to say
·                     Toys, Play, and Art: He loves superhero playsets, Play Doh, and slime, and is a prolific colorer
·                     Time of Day: Hard say – any time that he’s around people, I guess – he seems pretty extroverted
·                     Bedding: He still likes his multi-colored pillow (looks like it has rainbow tiles on it) and his blue cloud blankets, though he’s getting a bit big for them – he’ll try to go to bed with up to three blankets if we let him
·                     Foods: Fried chicken, chips, fries, ketchup, Lucky Charms, and popsicles
·                     Activities: Too many to list, including running, gardening, building things, bug collecting, playing in or with things that are messy (slime, sand, dirt…), painting and coloring, watching a movie while snuggling, receiving backrubs, taking baths, water play (e.g. washing the car), and swimming!
·                     Animals: He likes all animals, including dogs and cats, birds, bunnies, chicks, and horses
·                     Heroes: He likes superheroes a lot, especially Batman

E. Things He Does Not Like – Alone time, when people say they don’t want to be his friend, going down for a nap, when people don’t want to play with him, and sitting down for story time

F. What He’s Thinking About – Probably doing something with his dad, like gardening or building something, or what he could be doing to have more fun (like getting out his paints, or his toys)

G. Surprises – He’s so different from my other son! He’s an extroverted, thrill-seeking, funny, cuddly guy!

H. Best & Worst Things –
·                     The best things: Definitely that we, as his parents, are so important to him – I know one day it will be us who have to track him down instead of him constantly asking for our attention (“Da-da, Da-da…Mooom, Mooom…”). It’s also lovely that he’s finally showing some interest in interacting with his little sister.
·                     The worst things: Probably how upset he gets when he’s sad – I think he feels things more fully (wholly, completely) than most people – when he’s happy, he’s sooooooo happy, but when he’s having a rough time, he’s sooooo upset. I think he needs more assurance than most people that he belongs and is loved. For my part, I’ve been trying to use the Love Language of touch more often with him, via backrubs or sitting with him in my lap. One other thing that’s tricky with him is getting him to respect other people’s property. He’s pretty good about taking care of his own things though.

I. Family and Friends – He’s a tricky guy to pin down – he says that no one likes him, yet objectively it seems like he’s popular with other children. He seems to want to be close with his older brother, yet frequently it seems like his efforts to play together are met with frustration by his older brother.

J. Parenting – I’m trying to make sure that all my kids feel loved unconditionally, and like no matter what, I’ll be on their side – that I care about their feelings.

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