Saturday, July 27, 2019

Downstairs "Disaster Room" Overhaul in ONE Day!


While a bit odd to have a bookcase in the middle of the room, it was a functional move, in order to have the projector be directly across from the screen.

Although I thought we should donate (or sell) our old dining room table, my spouse had other ideas, turning it into a secondary workspace besides his desks.

This weird white sheet is actually a background, in order for my spouse to hide the appearance of clutter when he's working from home and on a conference call. It was not, in this iteration, successful.

What you may not notice is that we have filing cabinets, a desk/work space, a lounging area, and a dressing area (our bedroom is too small to accommodate my spouse's clothes).

My Plan

Keep (in the room)

  • Easels
  • Work table
  • Wardrobe
  • Dresser
  • Desks
  • Desk chair
  • Filing cabinets
  • The "good" printer
  • Armchairs
  • Yellow rug
  • Gray "fancy" rug
  • Air purifier
  • Video game equipment
  • Blue table lamp
  • Foldable kids chairs
  • Foldable kids table

Remove (from room)

  • Stuff on top of table?
  • IKEA square side table?
  • White sheet background?
  • Train table
  • Gray IKEA rug?
  • One tall wood bookcase?
  • Grid bookcases?
  • Container of sheets
  • Tall white drawer organizer
  • Extra vacuum
  • Green circle pillow
  • Extra binders
  • Video rocker chairs
  • Stuff on top of wardrobe
  • "Bad" printer


  • Create a place for me (not just my spouse) to work and store books?
  • Hang up as much art as possible with Command strips
  • Move filing cabinets and printer(s) nearer to desk
  • Coral game system cords
  • Clear off work table?
  • Try to sell items?
  • Move white sheet background, or disassemble it?
  • Hang kid art in alcove
  • Move bookcase out of center of room
  • Move easels and art supplies together, possibly in alcove
  • Place unwanted items on curb (for free) or place in car in order to take them to Goodwill
  • Clear off top of wardrobe
  • Move dresser and wardrobe out of alcove


A break for lunch! Indian buffet food!
For free, two unneeded video rockers.
I cleared out the "dressing room" alcove in order to put kid items here. The wardrobe and clothes dresser were moved to the other side of the room, where the filing cabinets used to be.
 The middle always looks worse than the beginning.

To donate, one color printer. We rarely need to print in color, but if we did, we could: outsource it to my mom, print it at the office, or print it at the library.

The kids' alcove!
The work space, behind the lounge space. I will need to mount the projector to the ceiling, but that will come later. The never-ending dining chair reupholstering project (chair the left of the office chair) remains.
All of the file-y stuff is now on the right of the room in this photo. I tried to put the black and white printer on one of the bookcases, but didn't have a suitable electrical extension cord for that to have worked.

The feet of the white background sheet are rather large, hence why it's not up against the wall. I didn't tidy the papers on top of the table because they are not mine.
Ah, yes, it is organized well.
I am ready to watch a movie now!

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