Monday, July 29, 2019

A Guest Bedroom at a Friend's House


  • Bring my supplies (see photo and list above)
  • Know ahead of time what you want to keep in the space, and what you want to remove from the room
    • To remove: extra lamp, trash can, three-drawer organizer, bathroom shelving
    • To keep: Batman mannequin, artistic painting, nightstand, bed 
  • Wash and dry linens
  • Sort consumable (toiletry) products
  • Dispose of expired products
  • Recycle cardboard / paper
  • Put holiday (gift wrapping) items together
  • Move bed towards the wall (freeing up floor space near desk)
Bonus Steps:

  • Get a library card in her town!
  • Go to lunch!
The "bonus steps" are because if I don't schedule breaks, I don't take them.

After Photos

The donation pile (just what's on the floor, not the pets!).

The pile of stuff for the spouse to go through.
The bed!
The closet!
The desk and bookcase across from the bed! After taking the photo on the left, I decided to do some tinkering to remove stuff from the very top of the bookcase, which I think makes it look calmer.

What a great guest space!

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