Tuesday, October 30, 2018

My New, New 12 Basics

Previously, I wrote this post, and then forgot about it. Four and a half years later, here's my updated new, new list (living things excluded):
  1. Our king-size bed – so great for a family snuggle
  2. Our Kitchenaide stand mixer – not because I need it, but because it was a wedding gift from my parents
  3. The baby’s changing table – we upgraded our baby changing table to one with drawers which is such a better use of space
  4. Our wall-mounted pot rack – because our kitchen is tiny, and this makes it so much easier to put things away
  5. Our latte mugs – because any cup of coffee is better when it’s bigger
  6. Our washing machine – it’s an LG brand front-loader and I like that’s dependable (five people go through a lot of clothes)
  7. My Adidas Samba shoes – because they’re so comfortable for walking, and they’ve traveled with me from New Mexico to Iceland
  8. My iPhone – because it’s my camera, alarm clock, timer, list-keeper, GPS…
  9. My SPF 55 face sunscreen + my Egg Mellow Cream moisturizer + my Glam Glow Nude Glow illuminator – because I mix all three together and wear them every day
  10. Hair ties
  11. My blanket scarf – so warm, so practical, and travel great on a plane
  12. My Pandora bracelet

What happened to our old stuff? Here's an update on the items in my earlier post:
  1. my bed – upgraded!
  2. my iPhone 5c – upgraded!
  3. our incense burner – we still have this
  4. our pets – we still have our dog and one cat (sadly, one cat passed away)
  5. paper – much less useful to me now that I do more things on my phone
  6. hair ties – no change
  7. the baby necklace – I still have it, but I now wear my Pandora bracelet for a similar purpose
  8. the baby fig tree – it died, sadly
  9. my loveseat – we sold it because it wouldn’t fit in our new, smaller home
  10. my Emu brand boots – they were a bit too big, and also impractical for the weather in my area most of the time, so I donated them
  11. our first decoy duck, and our Korean wedding ducks – we still have these
  12. my blue poppies print from Target – this was donated and I don’t miss it
I guess I am more focused on functionality than ever before. I do think I'm closer to actually being a minimalist now than I've ever been before. I followed the Marie Kondo method and got through the Clothing, Books, and Documents categories. The Miscellaneous (Komono) category has me a bit stymied,though.

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