Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Choo-Choo Train Cross Stitch

I made this cute toy choo-choo train ornament using cross stitch. My finished ornament was 3.25 inches square from corner to corner.

DMC colors used:
White for the window – BLANC
Red for train body – 304
Dull purple – 3041 (similar)
Green for stripes – 910 or 699 (similar)
Black for wheel bar – 310
Darker blue for front and back wheel – 3807
Lighter blue for middle wheel – 794
Yellow – 972

Fabric used: 14-count white Aida cloth

See this post for how I turned it into a Christmas ornament.

*Note: for the exact dull purple and green I used, I'm not sure what their DMC numbers were, but the ones provided above are very similar.

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