Saturday, May 3, 2014

21 Day Organization Challenge - Day 2

I'm doing a 21-Day Organization Challenge, but I'm viewing it more as 21 steps. Whenever I have time to do a step, I'll do it. Today I did Day 2: The Coat Closet.

My Before Pic
I hesitate to post this photo since it looks worse than it was - for example, those crumpled things on the left were waiting to go outside to the recycling bin, and the shoes were not put away in the closet originally because they were wet. We had a bit of a rainpocalypse happen this week in our area.

My After Pic
The Process
The "After" pic is a little misleading since before I had even heard about the 21 Day Organization Challenge, I had wanted to improve my foyer and had therefore bought the two organizing bins on the top shelf, and I had moved some off-season items into storage. Tonight, I started with the area in front of the closet, then I moved items like hats into the bins, then I organized the shoes, and finally I sorted the hanging items by removing all of them from the closet and then only putting back clean, useful, well-fitting items in good condition.

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