Sunday, April 27, 2014

21 Day Organization Challenge - Day 1

I am a sucker for cute infographics. So when I saw this challenge on Pinterest...

...I actually got up off my couch and did Day 1: The Medicine Cabinet. I am not sure where this particular 21-day challenge came from (I tried searching online for the original post but could not find it). But the A Bowl Full of Lemons website has a similar challenge here (the medicine cabinet is Day 13 on their list).

Before I go further, I'd like to say that colorful infographics make even boring tasks seem more fun!

My Before Pics

My After Pics (my cabinet has three sections but I only got before pics of two of the sections since the third was always pretty tidy)

The Process
We all know that the hallmarks of organization are:

  1. place similar objects close to each other
  2. avoid keeping too many duplicates of the same item
  3. toss what you are not using and toss what you do not love
  4. don't keep less frequently used items in high-traffic areas

That is precisely what I did. My organizing bug spread to the cabinet below the sink as well (no pics, sorry).

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