Friday, August 27, 2021

Post Ideas

Here are some posts I'm considering writing, organized by topic.

  • Halloween, simplified
  • Simple Halloween-Themed Party
  • Christmas Gifts at Our House
  • Christmas 4-Gift Saying
  • Family Christmas Lists
  • Christmas, Simplified
  • Hiking with Kids, simplified
  • Coffee at home, simplified
  • Simple Floral-Themed Party
  • Colors in Your Home, simplified
  • Kids' Books, simplified
  • Simple Doughnut-Themed Party
  • Thanksgiving, simplified
  • Kids' Capsule Wardrobes
  • Kids' Shoes, simplified
  • Giving Gifts, simplified
  • Adopting a Vacation Mindset at Home
  • Getting Fit at Home, simplified
  • Going to the Beach with Kids, simplified
  • The Kids' Toys that Failed Us
  • The Kids' Toys that We Loved
  • Solo Travel, simplified
  • Travel with Kids, simplified
  • Kids' Lunches, simplified
  • Useful Baby Shower Gifts
  • Bulk Holiday Gifts
Family posts
  • Kid Updates
Organization posts
  • Organization Products I Use
  • Fridge and Freezer Organization
Finance posts
  • My (very intentional) Splurges
  • Subscribe and Save, some thoughts
  • Charitable Donations for a Minimalist
  • Buying Easy to Care For Home Goods
  • My Living Room
  • My Master Bedroom
  • Miami-Themed Moodboards
Product Recommendations
  • Newborn Must-Haves for a Minimalist
  • Home Cleaning Products, my favorites
  • Open-Ended Kids' Toys
  • Makeup, my favorites
  • Pet Cat Must-Haves for a Minimalist
  • Pet Dog Must-Haves for a Minimalist
  • Pet Rabbit Must-Haves for a Minimalist
Arts and Crafts

  • Art-Themed Party
  • "Neon Night" Party

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