Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Serious Kiddo: 5.5 Year Update

A. His Schedule – He wakes up earlier than anyone else and can invariably be found on the couch, frequently watching something on TV that he’s chosen himself (he can now operate the TV skillfully).

B. His Size – About average, I think.

C. His Personality – He’s a bit shy and seems to be prone to sit quietly, reading or watching a show. He told me he’s very much an “indoor person.” He’s willing to do art but he takes a long time doing things just right, so consequently, he very rarely finishes anything. He can get riled up if another child is encouraging him, but he does seem to tucker out before the other child does.

D. His Favorite Things
  • Colors: Gold. Definitely gold. Though he still likes red.
  • Shows: Japanese animation.
  • Toys: He likes Pokemon toys and Transformers.
  • Time of Day: Probably the early morning because he has the house basically to himself while we’re all still asleep.
  • Bedding: He recently chose a blue blanket with stars on it for himself. He sleeps with that and a regular pillow. He’s finally too big to use a toddler blanket.
  • Foods: Chocolate. Sweets. Desert foods. Cookies. Grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Activities: He likes swimming and is advancing nicely in his swimming class.
  • Animals: Cats. Dogs. He can make a lot of dog-like noises now and will sometimes pretend to be a puppy. Sharks.
  • Heroes: He likes superheroes, but I don’t think there’s one in particular that he likes. He recently chose a Thanos piggybank, the bad guy from Avengers Endgame. I’m not sure why he chose Thanos but it may have to do with the gold glove and gem-like infinity stones that Thanos has.

E. Things He Does Not Like  When his brother bothers him. Not winning, like at a boardgame or for a race.

F. What He’s Thinking About – He’s looking forward to learning how to read. I think he’s looking forward to starting Kindergarten too.

G. Surprises – How some of his characteristics are so opposite to his brother’s characteristics. For example, his brother is thrill-seeking, whereas he seems to be hardwired to avoid thrills.

H. Best & Worst Things –

  • The best things: When he is nice to his little sister. Watching them become friends is the sweetest.
  • The worst things: When he’s feeling moody (sad).

I. Family and Friends – My coworker says that as adults, you wind up becoming friends with your kid’s friends’ parents, and that becomes your social circle. I do try to keep him connected to the kids he’s chosen to become friends with, but it is difficult in this area due to distance, traffic, and work, not to mention our various moves (we moved homes, and he also switched daycares twice). Sadly, due to the crazy district lines in our area, most of kids at his current daycare will be going to a different elementary school than he will.

J. Parenting or What I’m Doing Differently – I’m trying hard to keep our home in order, which means encouraging the kids to keep their toys in one central location (the playroom) and to pick up their items every night or risk having their items be put in “time out.”

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