Monday, June 30, 2014

Kid (and Adult) Craft Room

When I was growing up, I did not have a play room. This, combined with a lack of sufficient toy storage (furniture or containers) in my bedroom, meant that my toys cluttered up my bedroom (as well as any other room that I could get away with leaving them in).

So, now that I'm a mom, I want to make it a priority to give my kid(s) enough space to store his(their) things - toys, art supplies, and games. Currently, I am in the process of setting up a kids’ craft space even though my kid is under one year old! (#BePrepared) This space will also double as my own crafting / creating space.

The one thing from my childhood bedroom / home that I wish I had was a small (11"x14"?) poster-sized photograph of a full moon at night. I’ve tried to find something similar on Etsy but have not been successful yet.

Main Goals for my Kids’ and Adults’ Craft Room:
  • Plenty of space to create
  • Plenty of space to store supplies
  • It will be okay to get it messy
  • It will be inspiring and colorful
  • It will be (relatively) cat-proof
Additional Goals:
  • Have white walls with pops of color
  • Display my child's(children's) artwork and create artwork together
  • Specialize - instead of storing every craft item imaginable, I will be focusing on paper crafts and cross stitch for me, and coloring and painting for the kiddo(s)
  • I will cover a normal trashcan with a print of constellations or some map-like print
  • The sheets on the daybed are actually green, not rainbow stripes like in the mood board
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the rug in this space


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