Monday, June 23, 2014

House Tour, Master Bedroom

Earlier this year, after evaluating my "before bedroom," I created a Mood Board for my Bedroom. Some of the changes I have not implemented yet, like changing the wall color to "Meander Blue" by Sherwin Williams (instead of the current blue color, which is darker and less minty).

For reference, here is the "before" bedroom.
Here are the changes I made:
  • Got a gray headboard, thus making the bed the focus of the room
  • Got a white and tan duvet
  • Got a silver tray*
  • Got Euro shams
  • Got handmade ceramic bowls
  • Got a blue vase
  • Got a rope lamp, thus enhancing the beachy vibe
  • Got a blue rug, thus adding warmth
  • Got a grid-style gray table for left side of bed, thus replacing a wimpy magazine rack
  • Cut down trees outside right bedroom window, thus letting in more light
  • Installed a shelf for pictures, thus freeing up space on the top of the dresser
  • Installed a ledge for makeup, and got a mirror to go above it
  • Installed a hook*
*It's not visible in my photos.

The room is now better suited to reading because the new grid nightstand is higher, thus elevating my reading light, and because the euro shams and headboard are comfy to lean against. The room now also has added functionality as a makeup application area - my "makeup station" has a round mirror plus a ledge on which to store makeup brushes and a tin box containing eye shadow.

What I'm Not Going to Implement from the Mood Board
Much as I like the idea of having a plant in this room, my cats are not going to let that happen, so I'm not planning to add another potted plant (after doing so again and failing miserably, again). Also, although accent pillows are very cute, it's just not worth it to me since the bed already has four pillows (two Euros and two regulars) - taking off the two Euro ones is enough of a hassle without adding another pillow to the equation.

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