Thursday, February 20, 2014

The "Before" Bedroom

I am currently enrolled in an online decorating class (I couldn't help myself). My project for the class is to redo a bedroom, this bedroom. The polar coordinates are given in order to help you tell what you're looking at.
  • North wall: the "bad" (dark) window wall that the bed and beside tables are pushed up against
  • South wall: the dresser wall, which also contains a door to the bathroom to the left of the dresser
  • West wall: the "good" (bright) window wall
  • East wall: the mirrored closet doors are on this wall, as is an odd jog in the wall, as is the entry door to the room (not pictured, to the right of the chair)

It's not a bad room, but it does lack personality - note the lack of wall art. This room is missing what decorators call "the jewelry of the room" and what lay people would call "accessories" or "the finishing touches".

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