Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Semi-Aspirational Master Bedroom

As mentioned in my previous post, Aspirational Mood Board for Dining Room, there are two types of mood boards:
"An aspirational mood board is done for the purpose of inspiration and creating a general mood. This is different from an actionable mood board, which has specific items intended for purchase."

The above mood board straddles the line between the two. It has some actual items, and some inspiration-only photos. It is in between my current real bedroom, and a purely aspirational draft mood board.

In the above board, here is the Source List for the purchase-able items:
Anchor Rug
Silver Frame
Ribbon Frame
Dove Lamps
Queen Sheets in Ivory from Target
Pillow Covers in 26x26" size
Euro Pillow Inserts from Overstock in 28x28" size
Log Cabin Incense Burner
Storage Boxes for Inside Closet
Tulip Pillowcase - Vintage item is no longer available, but similar styles are available on Etsy

Color Scheme is from Design Seeds.

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