Thursday, May 27, 2021

Shared Boys Bunk Bedroom

I was going for a vaguely tropical vibe with does of colors found in nature, specifically, greens and blues. I was also on a relatively tight budget.
I particularly liked these two photos for inspiration: bunk room with turquoise walls and T-Rex poster, and bunk room with black and white.

My goal was not only to create a space for restful sleep, but also a place where the children could participate in virtual school via laptops connected to an online classroom.

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  6. Monogram alligator art
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  11. Multi-colored square pillow (no longer available from CB2)
  12. Multi-colored rectangular pillow
  13. Beige rug
  14. Pair of koalas art
  15. Single koala art
  16. Shark art
  17. Cockatoo art
  18. Pair of chairs
  19. Stars blanket (no longer available from Target)
  20. Coat hangers
  21. Curtain rings
  22. Wall shelf for books
  23. Wire bin for closet
  24. Whiteboard set
  25. Math notebook
  26. Drawing pads
  27. Wooden storage box for office supplies
  28. Gray wall shelves
  29. Teal mason jars for storing whiteboard markers
  30. Weighted blanket
  31. Superhero curtains
  32. Blue sheets set (no longer available from Walmart)
  33. Fleece blankets
  34. Warmie microwavable heating pad
  35. Hamper
Individual details - Each boy got his own desk, chair, and bunk bed. The curtains feature The Hulk, because that's what they wanted, and I don't think it's bad to let their personality shine through too. The blank wood boxes were customized by the boys - each decorated his own with acrylic paint.

Installation - There was only enough room for one boy to have a bed canopy because of the window placement. I actually hung the gray shelves side by side to create a longer shelf. I hung the art in clusters, although the whale and koalas are for one boy, and the alligator and sharks are for the other.

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