Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Moving "the Baby" Into Her Own Room

Fluffy rugs that one can shake out

A spot for story time

An irregular shaped lantern

A mirror for dress up

She's not a baby. She's almost two. But that's what we call her anyway.

And when we had all three of our kids in one bedroom, she'd walk over to her older brother's bottom bunk and scratch him in the face, then laugh. So we moved the kids' toys into our living room, and converted what was their shared playroom into a little bedroom all for her. Both of her older brothers loved the idea of kicking her out of "their room."

And honestly it does make putting laundry away easier, since all of their clothes - even hers - are still in the original shared kids' bedroom and I can put away clothes long after she's gone to sleep without fear of waking her, since she's in a different room. Why not move her clothes into her new little bedroom? Besides the putting-away-laundry factor, she has a habit of "trashing her room" and by that I mean that she drags all of her clothes out of her dresser and throws them on the floor when she's mad or bored.

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