Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The beginning of my "100 Things" challenge

The What

What is a "100 Things" challenge?

It's where you downsize your personal belongs (not home or shared items) so that you have 100 items in total, or as close to that number as you can get. You can do your counting any way you choose - for example, you could count a pair of socks as one thing, or you could count all of the pairs of socks you own as one thing (a collection or "set"). You can also exempt certain types of things if you want, such as books or tools.

Who else has done it?

Many people, though obviously it appeals to minimalists in particular. Some of them are: Morten Storgaard, Leo Babauta, Dave Bruno (the first to come up with this challenge), Cary Fortin, and Courtney Carver of Project 33.

Where do you start?

I read that a lot of people start by taking an inventory, so that's where I'm starting today, as well as defining what isn't going to count (see above about how you count being up to you).

My Lists

Items I must keep

These are items that are either indispensable, or impossible to replace.
1. underwear (set)
2. hair items (set), e.g. hair ties, bobby pins, brush, comb, shampoo, conditioner
3. skin care items (set), e.g. moisturizer, sunblock
4.-11. work shirts
12.-16. work sweaters
17.-20. work pants
21. new black tall boots
22.-23. work skirts
24.-25. black leggings
26. ring from grandmother
27. my wedding rings (set)
28.-31. casual shirts
32. white winter coat
33. black winter coat
34.-35. black fall vests
36. blanket scarf
37. winter gloves (set)
38. socks (set)
39. winter brown and white cap
40. new bike, helmet, bike rack (set)
41. my tools - Sharpie, white masking tape, scissors, measuring tape, screwdriver, hammer
42. rugs (set)
43. heating pad
44. funeral dress
45.-47. non-funeral dresses
48. sandals
49. flip-flops
50. bracelet from Shweta
51. hot chocolate
52.-53. jeans
54.-55. swimsuits
56. blanket
57. tweezers and tiny mirror
58. pajamas
59. yoga pants
60. sun hat
61. blue wedding shoes
62. red honeymoon dress
63. teal wedding clutch
64. everyday clutch
65. gold silk snap pouch
66. cat figurines (set)
67-68. work jackets
69. green ceramic horse
70. old diary
71. ring from Sheida
72. reindeer from Grandma
73. abstract wood sculpture
74. Italy black purse
75. exercise clothes, i.e. sports bras, shorts, sneakers
76. Crocs
77-78. casual skirts
79-80. shorts

Items I really want to keep

These are items that aren't necessities and that I could probably replace.
1. books I really want to read that I haven't read yet (set)
2. puzzles I really want to do (set)
3. watercolor paints/paintbrushes/paper (set)
4. acrylic paints/paintbrushes
5. brown tall boots
6. black short boots
7. old black tall boots
8. Christmas pin collection (set)
9. white footed bowl
10. colorful transparent boxes
11. mood lights (set), e.g. candles, string lights
12. yellow scarf
13. chopsticks
14. yoga peanut
15. 9-lb. dumbbells
16. cross stitch supplies (set)
17. empty containers from Container Store (set)
18. empty containers from Target (set)
19. old souvenirs
20. kadai
21. Indian spices
23. other dresses
24. necklaces
25. more pants/jeans
26. more shirts
27. one long-sleeve Patriots shirt
28. one short-sleeve Patriots shirt
29. rest of swimsuits
30. decorative pillows
31. deck of cards
32. large mirror
33. yoga mat
34. calligraphy supplies
35. Nats shirt
36. makeup (set)
37. clogs
38. clear nail polish

Items I feel like I can't part with but also don't really want to keep

Some of these are items that cannot be replaced, but all of them are things that I'm keeping because I feel like I should, more than out of a genuine desire to continue to own them.
1. books I've read before and really enjoyed
2. brown short boots
3. gray shell bowl
4. navy blue leggings
5. gold and black leggings
6. long blue winter coat
7. short blue winter coat
8. ski attire, e.g. snow pants, puffy jackets
9. sunglasses (I can't wear them over my eyeglasses)
10. drawing supplies
11. old photos
12. rest of my Patriots shirts
13. hair stylers
14. silver bowl from Grandma
15. candy at my desk (for visitors)
16. other clutches
17. my old artwork
18. portfolio items
19. my wedding dress
20. colored nail polish
21. craft gifts from my kids

Items I can discard

I feel fine about discarding these.
1. old bike
2. other dumbbells
3. Kindle

Items that don't count as items for my challenge

1. all things that aren't solely my possessions, e.g. kitchen items, towels, etc.
2. work laptop, badge, cell phone/charger etc. required for work
3. medical necessities, e.g. period care, eyeglasses, contact lenses, compression socks, heating pad, etc.
4. dental necessities, e.g. toothbrush


And now, in table format, grouped by category.
# Name of Item Category Frequently Used?
1 2 black fall vests Clothing Y
2 2 black leggings Clothing Y
3 2 casual skirts Clothing Y
4 2 shorts Clothing Y
5 2 swimsuits Clothing Y
6 3 casual shirts Clothing Y
7 3 work pants Clothing Y
8 4 work sweaters Clothing Y
9 8 work shirts Clothing Y
10 black winter coat Clothing Y
11 blanket scarf Clothing Y
12 Crocs Clothing Y
13 jeans Clothing Y
14 pajamas Clothing Y
15 sandals Clothing Y
16 socks (set) Clothing Y
17 underwear (set) Clothing Y
18 white winter coat Clothing Y
19 winter gloves (set) Clothing Y
20 2 work jackets Clothing N
21 2 work skirts Clothing N
22 3 non-funeral dresses Clothing N
23 exercise clothes (set) Clothing N
24 flip-flops Clothing N
25 funeral dress Clothing N
26 sun hat Clothing N
27 winter brown and white cap Clothing N
28 yoga pants Clothing N
29 skin care items (set) Consumable Y
30 tweezers and tiny mirror Cosmetics N
31 rugs (set) Furnishings Y
32 blanket Furnishings N
33 my tools Hobbies Y
34 hot chocolate Kitchen Y
35 hair items (set) Other Y
36 everyday clutch Sentimental Y
37 my wedding rings (set) Sentimental Y
38 teal wedding clutch Sentimental Y
39 abstract wood sculpture Sentimental N
40 blue wedding shoes Sentimental N
41 bracelet from Shweta Sentimental N
42 cat figurines (set) Sentimental N
43 gold silk snap pouch Sentimental N
44 green ceramic horse Sentimental N
45 Italy black purse Sentimental N
46 old diary Sentimental N
47 red honeymoon dress Sentimental N
48 reindeer from Grandma Sentimental N
49 ring from grandmother Sentimental N
50 ring from Sheida Sentimental N
51 new black tall boots Shoes Y
52 new bike, helmet, bike rack (set) Sports N

Want to Keep
# Name of Item Category Frequently Used?
1 black short boots Clothing Y
2 brown tall boots Clothing Y
3 clogs Clothing Y
4 more pants/jeans Clothing Y
5 more shirts Clothing Y
6 Nats shirt Clothing Y
7 old black tall boots Clothing Y
8 one long-sleeve Patriots shirt Clothing N
9 one short-sleeve Patriots shirt Clothing N
10 other dresses Clothing N
11 rest of swimsuits Clothing N
12 yellow scarf Clothing N
13 decorative pillows Furnishings Y
14 large mirror Furnishings Y
15 mood lights (set), e.g. candles, string lights Furnishings Y
16 colorful transparent boxes Furnishings N
17 empty containers from Container Store (set) Furnishings N
18 empty containers from Target (set) Furnishings N
19 white footed bowl Furnishings N
20 puzzles I really want to do (set) Hobbies Y
21 acrylic paints/paintbrushes Hobbies N
22 calligraphy supplies Hobbies N
23 cross stitch supplies (set) Hobbies N
24 deck of cards Hobbies N
25 unread books I really want to read (set) Hobbies N
26 watercolor paints/paintbrushes/paper (set) Hobbies N
27 necklaces Jewelry Y
28 Christmas pin collection (set) Jewelry N
29 chopsticks Kitchen N
30 Indian spices Kitchen N
31 kadai pot Kitchen N
32 clear nail polish Other N
33 makeup (set) Other N
34 old souvenirs Sentimental N
35 9-lb. dumbbells Sports N
36 yoga mat Sports N
37 yoga peanut Sports N

Guilt Keeps      
# Name of Item Category Frequently Used?
1 gold and black leggings Clothing Y
2 navy blue leggings Clothing Y
3 short blue winter coat Clothing Y
4 brown short boots Clothing N
5 long blue winter coat Clothing N
6 other clutches Clothing N
7 rest of my Patriots shirts Clothing N
8 ski attire Clothing N
9 books I've read and enjoyed Hobbies N
10 drawing supplies Hobbies N
11 candy at my desk (for visitors) Kitchen Y
12 colored nail polish Other N
13 hair stylers Other N
14 portfolio items Other N
15 sunglasses Other N
16 gray shell bowl Sentimental Y
17 craft gifts from my kids Sentimental N
18 my old artwork Sentimental N
19 my wedding dress Sentimental N
20 old photos Sentimental N
21 silver bowl from Grandma Sentimental N

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