Tuesday, August 7, 2018

21-Step Challenge: Step 2, the Kids' Rooms

Step 2 of my 21-Step Organizing Challenge was children's bedrooms.

Here's the baby's room, and a gratuitous shot of the baby herself.
One tiny baby's room

One tiny baby

What I did:

  • This room was already pretty tidy so I didn't do much aside from move some things that didn't belong out of the room (like a couple of the boys' toys), and clear floor space (hang up the diaper bag)

And here's the boys' shared bedroom.
Everything has a place

No flat sheets = easier bed-making

TBD: Whether I set their play tent back up

Panoramic view

What I did:

  • Got rid of one bag of trash
  • Got two bags' worth of donations
  • Put a few toys into storage as they were no longer age appropriate
  • Removed a seldom played with bulky toy
  • Reconfigured a couple of their clear shoe-box-sized storage boxes
  • Rearranged their storage furniture so that it now frames the window

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