Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Words

19-Month-Old Kiddo

Since my 18-Month Kid Update only a month has passed, yet the kiddo has learned so many new words! I'm really trying to remember the words he learns and the order in which he learns them... My own mother does not remember what my first words were, other than that "your first word was probably 'Mom.'" True, she didn't have the power of blogging back then :).

So, here are the kiddo's current words, with the "new" words he learned this past month in orange (his favorite color).

  • Words: dog, dad and daddy (which was his first word), mama, cat, wow, yeah and ya, bottle (although it sounds like “baba”), mine, ball, no, more (although it sounds like “mo”), uh-oh, go (and “go up,” “I go,” etc.), milk (although it sounds like “miii”), hi, yay, mhmm, car, bookRock (by which he means "I want to watch FraggleRock on Amazon Prime"), eye, foot, and bye. He can also nod his head “yes” and shake his head “no.”
  • Sentences: “Hi dog” (his first sentence), “No, mine,” “Go up,” “I go,” “Go away” (which he says to our dog when the dog gets too close to him), "Go now," and “Go out.”

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