Monday, July 28, 2014

Pottery and Vase Shapes

Do you ever go on Etsy or Ebay and struggle for the words to search for exactly the kind of pottery you want? Different shapes have different names.

To be completely accurate...

  • Not included in the Modern Shapes of Pottery illustration above are turnip-shaped vases, mushroom-shaped vases, ethnic-shaped vases (e.g. African vases), buckets, planters, and platters.
  • Included in the Traditional Shapes above are the: amphora, hydria, oinochoe, olpe, krater, kylix, kantharos, and pyxis. Not included in the Traditional [Greek] Shapes of Pottery illustration is the lekythos shape, mainly because I found the funery-themed pottery to be kind of depressing. The source for shapes for this illustration is from the Polytropon Art website, although the lettering and layout is my own.

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