Monday, October 21, 2013

Home Cleaning Checklist

Clean Windows
Clean Sliding Glass Doors
Clean Lamps and Light Fixtures

Clean / Disinfect Countertops
Clean Microwave
Clean Stove and Burners
Clean the Exterior of All Appliances
Scrub Sink
Wipe the Exterior of All Cabinets
Vacuum and Mop Floor
Clear the Kitchen Table
Remove Trash and Recycling

Dust and Wipe Things on Countertops
Disinfect Countertops
Clean Tub and Shower
Clean Toilet and Sink
Clean Mirror
Wipe Baseboards and Door
Polish Cabinets
Remove Trash

Dust and Polish Furniture
Dust Pictures and Frames
Clean Ceiling Fan and Vents
Remove Cobwebs
Change Sheets
Make Beds
Dust and Wipe Blinds
Vacuum Floor or Carpet
Wipe Baseboards and Doors

Dust Electronics
Empty Paper Shredder
Remove Trash

Clean Baseboards and Doors
Dust and Polish Furniture
Clean Ceiling Fans and Vents
Vacuum and Mop Floor Area
Treat Carpet Stains
Vacuum Carpeted Areas
Clean Front Door Glass
Dust Pictures and Frames
Remove Cobwebs

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