Friday, September 20, 2013

Olioboard Mood Board - Modern White Room with Red and Black Accents

I created the mood board above using, a site which lets users create mood boards for free! While there are some drawbacks, Olioboard is a decent option if you don't have Photoshop software (either Elements or the full version of Photoshop) and you don't want to use MS PowerPoint (which let's face it, who does?).

  • The main drawbacks I found were: 1) Olioboard only lets you add products via their site so you don't have as many furnishing options as you would if you did it yourself (such as via Photoshop); 2) sometimes white products do not display properly and are semi-transparent; and 3) some of the products Olioboard suggests are no longer available so you can't buy them after you create your dream mood board.
  • The main positives I found were: 1) it is free; 2) it is relatively easy to use; and 3) it's easy to share your creations via social media (e.g. Pinterest, Twitter, etc.).

Products: All products shown in this mood board are visible on the Olioboard site for this creation.

Inspiration: Olioboard lets you choose a background image, so I chose the polar opposite of my real home in order to have some fun. The image I chose was of a very modern home with a very open floor plan. Although I usually do not decorate with the color red in my own home, with colder temperatures and winter creeping in, I felt inspired to add some warmth to this room via the color red.

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