Thursday, August 29, 2013

Implementation Rendering of Chris' Bedroom

Chris liked Look 1: Aqua and Brown Bedroom. To go the extra mile, here is what the room would look like with the changes incorporated.

The plants, tray, candle lighting feature, paint color, and furniture shown above are the same as those listed in Look 1 in my earlier post. However, this post features a new striped Logan and Mason Villa Blue Aqua Duvet, a pair of IKEA Alang sconces that are mounted closer to the bed (less far apart) than in the before photo, and a new CB2 Jester Vase.

For reference, this is what the room looks like before any changes.

Simple Changes: Break up the space with a few more sculptural and vertical elements, add color to the walls, and use real plants instead of artificial ones.

1 comment:

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